At least 31 flavors

The truth is the truth and yet it seems to have infinite flavors.

I’m just back from a retreat with Tara and Anam Thubten.

While in the context of a classical Theravaden schedule – walking and sitting meditation, social silence, group interviews, mindful movement – retreatants also got a blend of teachings from the Tibetan perspective with Anam, Tara’s western Buddhist psychology perspective and to complete the mash up, my own blend of mindful movement and commentary.

As Joseph Goldstein writes so beautifully in his book, One Dharma, all these views emanate from the same source.

This blending of teachings, experiences and cultural perspectives resulted in a sense of great friendship and camaraderie.  Anam will be leading meditation and giving a talk at my class in Arlington tonight.


Jonathan, Tara and Anam Thubten


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