Concentration and "Transparancy"

Last night we did the basic qigong form, which can take anywhere from about 40 to 60 minutes. We did the longer version with Mingtong slowing things down with long pauses. The form is done standing.

After the form, we did standing meditation. Toes are pointed inward, knees bent, back of the neck lengthened and the hands form a ‘basket,’ placed over the navel.

Holding this posture can be quite challenging. The mind has to stay alert and focused. There’s no room for wavering.

We held this posture for probably half an hour, maybe more.

Being rooted deeply in the body with concentration holding all the details of the posture along with the visualization of the chi can take the mind and consciousness all over the place. For me I noticed myself shifting from the details to wondering how long I could stay there to sensing deeper and deeper the instruction to ‘merge the form and the formless.’

For me, this is the beauty of qigong training. While immersed in the physicality of the moment there is a constant opening to the space within and around me. The results are quite fantastic. Grounded and spacious. Present in flow.

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