“If people knew, as I know, the fruits of sharing gifts, they would not hesitate to be generous.”

– The Buddha

Much of what I offer is in the spirit of generosity.



When I lead my public class in Arlington, VA on Monday nights, it warms my heart to know that no one is denied access to these teachings and practices.

When I get an email from someone on the other side of the planet sharing how a talk or meditation on my podcast was helpful for them, I experience a wonderful rush of gratitude for the support I have had on my path.

When we offer an intensive retreat I love that you pay only for your room and board. We teachers offer our service freely.

In the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are considered so precious as to be priceless. Thus, they are given freely with the opportunity to offer voluntary donations, or dana.

Dana is the ancient Pali word for “spontaneous generosity of the heart.” Dana is a central part in my life and your generosity will go directly to me and will be used to make more resources available.

Please consider a donation of any size. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

You can use the donation button above, or mail a check payable to Jonathan Foust 70 River Birch Drive Great Falls, VA 22066

You can contact Jonathan via email. Click here.