Hiking, with Soundtrack

Gould Meadows at sunset

Kripalu Center is in the heart of the Berkshires, situated on a lake and with property adjoining Tanglewood the summer home of the Boston Symphony.

One of the highlights of this last retreat was doing a silent hike down through Gould Meadows, along the Stockbridge Bowl and then up to Tanglewood during a James Taylor concert.

As we turned from the lake up the long hill to Tanglewood, James Taylor broke into “Sweet Baby James.”  At that point a few folks broke silence to sing along.

Late evening, sun setting, birds chasing bugs in the meadow, bunnies at play, a group of meditating hikers breaking into song.

One of Those Moments.



2 thoughts on “Hiking, with Soundtrack

  1. Michelle

    What a lovely photo and a great capturing of the very special evening. I was one of those lucky ones. Back home enjoying my memories, my daily practice and my changed life. Thank you!

  2. Gillian Burnes

    You probably didn’t see us since you were ahead leading the hike, but Eric and I *waltzed* up the Tanglewood driveway to “Sweet Baby James.” I like to think it’s Kripalu’s first Mindfulness Waltz Practice.


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