If a Tree Falls on a House

A few years ago, while I was walking the California hills barefoot on a silent month-long retreat, Tara was snowed in for eight days, melting snow over the fireplace.  As I was in silence, I had no idea until later.

This last week, I did know that DC got whacked in intense winds, shutting down power to over a million people.  Tara was without power for almost a week and contending with some pretty massive damage.

Thanks for a wonderful adjuster and some great contractor friends, we are digging out and starting reconstruction.

My current life theme this year has been, “Whole-hearted cooperation with reality.”

It’s come in handy.


The roof was punched in in three different areas, shattering the rafters.

Fortunately, everyone was awake and in a relatively safe place when this came down.  It crushed the lower room, the guest room and took out part of the roof in my office


From the inside, looking out


Tulip Poplar on the other side, flattening some furniture


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