Mind Expanding

Whatever you believe about reincarnation, this is a pretty amazing story to absorb.

And it’s from FOX news …


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2 thoughts on “Mind Expanding

  1. Tony Mayo

    We all have preconceptions that filter and sort the information coming to us through our senses. Mine is: look for simple explanations not contradicted by my observations.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. This claim seems most likely to be a case of adults looking for evidence that the child is extraordinary. For a step-by-step rational explanation of the facts see: http://tiny.cc/qf7co

    For another example of how far his parents are willing to distort their worldview to accommodate this reincarnation story is how the father claims it has enhanced his Christian faith, though reincarnation is contrary to Christian doctrine. http://tiny.cc/6q00k

    We do not need magic to be impressed by the magnificence of life.


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