Sorting Through History

I’m newly inspired to simplify.

Between leading retreats I zipped up to Maine to the family homestead to vista with family.  Since my mother’s passing last April and my father now in an Alzheimer’s unit since last summer, we’re left with the task of sorting through decades and decades of stuff.  My parents were not renowned for their capacity to let go of things, so the siblings been chipping away at the attic, closets and a a few outbuildings.

My brother dumpster diving in the attic

My main contribution will be to digitize slides.  My grandfather was an engineer and was heavily into photography back in the days of cameras with separate light meters.  I’ve found some amazing images, many of which are great blackmail material.

If you are interested in scanning photography to high quality digital archiving, I’ll post more later.

One thing’s for sure.  I’m paying someone to torch my journals right after I die.




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