Special Series


Transforming Your Relationship to Pain

In this multi-week series I will introduce you to key concepts of mindfulness and guide you through specific techniques that can help transform your relationship with real-life issues of pain management.

You’ll learn how to work with challenges that arise and explore how you can integrate these practices into your daily life.

Mindful Movement and Meditation

This popular series explores some classical approaches to movement and meditation. Many participants report how profound their meditation practice is as a result of the movement and deep relaxation.

When practiced with sensitivity and compassion. yoga and movement can not only help you release deep-seated tensions, resulting in a greater sense of ease and well-being, but it can dynamically prepare you for meditation practice.

Transforming Your Relationship to Pain (Part 1)


Transforming Your Relationship to Pain (Part 2)


The Heart Practices

The Heart Practices can be quite transformative and challenging.  

Heart Practices
The Heart Practices: Kindness
When the heart opens, there can be a natural softening, an expansion from a tight sense of “I and Mine” to a more natural, embracing state.  This talk dives into some of the original teachings and practices.
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The Heart Practices: Compassion
Compassion can be seen as your capacity to feel what another feels.  Whenever you can successfully do that, you create a profound shift in your consciousness.  You move from a tightly held sense of “I” and “mine” to a broader, more inclusive view.
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The Heart Practices: Joy
Sympathetic joy is all about your capacity to experience joy for yourself as well as joy for others.  Like all of these practices, they are challenging and cathartic.
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The Heart Practices: Equanimity and Steadiness
Equanimity is the capacity to be steady in the midst of change.  We are driven by the ‘eight wordly winds,’ as they are referred to in Buddhist psychology.

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