Talks and Guided Meditations

All my talks and guided meditation are available via my iTunes podcast, online streaming, via stitcher and new talks are now available on my youtube channel (audio only).

A few selections you might enjoy:


Morning instructions on the Last Day of Fall Retreat: Focus, Flow and Let Go

Explore three phases of a meditation practice. Concentration brings your awareness to the here and now. Awareness of change opens your attention to how you are holding your experience. As you draw yourself present in the midst of change, you can then inquire into what it means to ‘let it be.’


Meditation: Body Scan and Breath Awareness with enhanced audio soundtrack (#30 in iTunes Podcast)

Body scan meditation is a powerful way to relax deeper into what is present. As you move from systematically sensing inside you’ll then shift your attention to natural, flowing and unregulated breathing as your point of focus.


Retreat Talks

The following talks were given during intensive, residential retreats. More retreat talks can be found on on my podcast, via online streaming.

You can listen to dozens of talks through the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW) too.

On Doing and Being

As you develop as a contemplative artist, cultivating the ‘middle way’ includes disciplines that require attention and focus as well as practices that call for relaxation and letting go. This talk explores strategies that can help you cultivate that ephemeral internal experience that is ‘not too tight and not too loose.’


Dharma Rap! “I’m a Child of Light”

This ridiculous ‘rap song’ was presented on the final evening of the 2012 New Year’s Retreat. Much of the laughter is not only from the absurd lyrics, but the retreat leaders attempting to dance to the chorus. This was one of the more unique way to end five days of silence.

The Dharma of Relationships

Unless you live in a cave and have concierge service, you most probably interact with people each day. Wisdom teachings tell us to ‘see self in other and other in self.’ But how? This talk explores some practical strategies for cultivating empathy, compassion and skill in how you relate to others and use your relationships to wake up.

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