The Fox

One great thing about living in the woods in the natural life around us.  Our bird feeder was buzzing for about six weeks, then suddenly I noticed the owls and hawks hanging around.  All the fat squirrels were replaced by fast, skinny ones and most of the birds vanished.

Besides the 15 deer or so who cruise by daily and hang out on the property, we’ve got a young fox, probably in it’s second year, on our property.  It comes by like clockwork.  I’ve yet to capture a really clean shot, but here are a few quick ones.  You can see it has not yet grown into the size of it’s head and still has not shed it’s winter coat.


High speed fly by.


Hunting pose


Back to the foxhole.


2 thoughts on “The Fox

  1. Joyce

    In my view, Foxy looks like a baby solo traveller, apprehensive and excited to have damp feet from new spring dew. I don’t see any buddies, and I wonder if the camera registers other cohorts excluded from this series.


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