The Right Use of Will

Any practice requires some discipline.  In yoga, the word ‘tapas’ means discipline and also means ‘fire.’  The fire of discipline helps us stay present to all the wavering modifications of the mind.  Discipline also requires balance.  We must learn when to rest and when to let go.

Here’s an inspiring video of what sustained discipline can cultivate:


(Thanks, Elizabeth)


One thought on “The Right Use of Will

  1. Gaby

    Hey Jonathan,
    Things like this really worry me. I feel like they communicate the idea that you can’t be happy if you’re “overweight” and that running makes you a better person morally, it allows you to have relationships (he said his girlfriend broke up with him and then showed himself thinner with a girl, and he finished the marathon with his dad and brother) and in this case, creatively, it’s when he was “inspired.” As well-intentioned as Ben must be, I’m concerned he’s actually contributing to some of the worst myths of our culture, that rigorous exercise, which could be too much for some people, is what makes you an okay person, but not doing that and being “fat” makes you a sad slob.


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