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On Equanimity
How you can cultivate the full expression of mindfulness practice: equanimity.
On Cultivating Joy
How you can increase your capacity for joy.
On Cultivating Compassion
How you can cultivate your capacity for compassion.
Meditation - Breath, Body Scan and Resting in Presence
The meditation begins with a few minutes of conscious, circular breathing to focus, calm and center the mind.
On Concentration, Mindfulness and Insight
How cultivating moment-to-moment, sustained attention is the doorway to transformation.

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I am grateful to my friends at Sounds True for helping me create this product.

A few words from Sounds True:

“Teacher Jonathan Foust presents a unique method for tapping our deepest wisdom through the body-combining mindfulness meditation, focusing, and intuitive inquiry into a practice he calls Body-Centered Inquiry. On Body-Centered Inquiry, he offers a complete course on accessing the “still, small voice within” to find answers to persistent problems, set free your creativity, and deepen the connection between your body and mind.”

Practices to Enliven the Relationship Between Mind, Body & Spirit.

6 CD Set Audio Learning Course
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The happiest seasons of our lives often correlate to when we maintain a dedicated focus on what most matters to us.

Unless you live in a monastery or have managed to build real simplicity into your lifestyle, it’s easy to forget what’s most important.

It’s easy to forget the mystery, love and awareness that is your source.

The talks, guided meditations, videos, classes, individual sessions, retreats and trainings offered here are part of the path of remembering. They are an invitation to inhabit your full aliveness and openheartedness.

From Jonathan

Mind + Body + Spirit