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How to Cultivate Honesty and Truthfulness
This talk explores the 7th of the Ten Perfections: Honesty and Truthfulness.
How to Cultivate Tolerance and Forbearance
The sixth of the Ten Perfections: Tolerance and Forbearance.
How to Cultivate Vigor and Vitality
The fifth of the Ten Perfections: Energy and Vitality.
How to Cultivate Wisdom and Insight
This talk explores the fourth of the Ten Perfections: Wisdom and Insight.
How to Let Go of What’s Not Aligned with Your Heart
This talk explores the third of the Ten Perfections: Renunciation.

The Still, Small Voice Within: Meditation, Focusing and Intuition Training

July 2 – 7, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” To climb out of any rut, resolve problems, or sense your path from a new perspective, you must shift your awareness. This retreat is designed to immerse you in practices that generate such a shift.


The happiest seasons of our lives often correlate to when we maintain a dedicated focus on what most matters to us.

Unless you live in a monastery or have managed to build real simplicity into your lifestyle, it’s easy to forget what’s most important.

It’s easy to forget the mystery, love and awareness that is your source.

The talks, guided meditations, videos, classes, individual sessions, retreats and trainings offered here are part of the path of remembering. They are an invitation to inhabit your full aliveness and openheartedness.

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