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Desire, Addiction and Liberation
The relationship between desire and liberation.
Desire and Addiction
Some elemental teachings on desire and its relationship to addiction.
How to Embrace Change in Your Life
The reality of change and how you can shift your relationship to what is happening in your life.
Dancing with the Heavenly Messengers
How to find freedom in relationship to sickness, old age, death and embracing ‘reality-based’ practices.
Forgiveness and Letting Go as a Spiritual Practice
The transformative power of forgiveness and letting go.

A Year of Living Mindfully

A 12-Month Inquiry into the Nature of Awakened Heart and Mind

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you held consistent focus on non-judging awareness and compassion for a full year?

This program is limited to those in the DC Metro area.

To download a pdf file with information and FAQ click here


The happiest seasons of our lives often correlate to when we maintain a dedicated focus on what most matters to us.

Unless you live in a monastery or have managed to build real simplicity into your lifestyle, it’s easy to forget what’s most important.

It’s easy to forget the mystery, love and awareness that is your source.

The talks, guided meditations, videos, classes, individual sessions, retreats and trainings offered here are part of the path of remembering. They are an invitation to inhabit your full aliveness and openheartedness.

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